Interest Picking Up For Shaker Heights Receiver Ashford


Shaker Heights WR Perez Ashford
Wide receiver Perez Ashford of Shaker Heights has four scholarship offers on the table with more likely to come soon. We caught up with him to find out the latest on his recruitment.

Shaker Heights wide receiver Perez Ashford is a smallish but dynamic wide receiver that is garnering interest from a lot of schools, including Ohio State.

Ashford (5-11, 175, 4.47) said, “The recruiting process is fun. It’s not easy, but it is fun to go through. It’s getting pretty heavy as a lot of schools are coming through (his school). It’s been busy but fun. I have four scholarship offers right now: Eastern Michigan, Bowling Green, Ball State and Syracuse. The first offer to come to me was Ball State.”

It’s only early May in his junior year and right now, Ashford is still weighing his options and has not figured out a solid leader yet.

“It’s tough,” said Ashford, who was quoted in December saying Georgia would be the school he would want an offer from. “In the race? I like them all. There’s no one in the lead right now. They’re all great schools. I like Ball State because of their team but I like Syracuse because of their stadium. I like Eastern Michigan because of the facilities and coaches and I like Bowling Green because of the coaches and the way the offense if run. So, I like all four.”

Even though he only has the four written offers right now, Ashford said other schools are recruiting him as well, including big schools like Cincinnati, Louisville, Wisconsin and Kansas.

“I believe Louisville and Kansas are close to offering, along with Wisconsin,” said Ashford. “Kansas is a terrific school and the football team has been doing very well. I wouldn’t mind being a Jayhawk.

“Wisconsin, I know it gets really cold there. That’s kind of a big thing for me. For the football team, they’re good. They kind of a big dog in the Big Ten, but their offense isn’t really run for me. I’m not sure that would be much of a school.

“Louisville just had a receiver go in the draft. He was around my size and about my speed. It would be nice at Louisville with that kind of offense. And it’s not that far away with only a three or four hour drive.”

Ashford did mention Ohio State, saying that he talks to the coaches each week.

“I will be going to the Ohio State camp,” Ashford explained. “I talked to coach (Taver) Johnson about it. During that week, we should be at the state track meet, so I’ll go over there for that. He said that it would be a big break if I come down there and show them what I can do. I could earn an offer there. He really wants me to come down and I believe there is a great opportunity that I could get a scholarship offer from Ohio State there. I talk to Coach Johnson each week.”

In the football off-season, Ashford is concentrating on improving his game and is working out everyday to make that happen.

“I’ve been working out in the mornings with the parachute. I’ve been working my footwork and quickness with the ladders. I’m catching 300 balls a day. I’ve been getting stronger with weight lifting. I’m much stronger. In the beginning of the weight lifting, I was lifting 225 and the last time I maxed, I was at 285.”

In addition to the football-type workouts, the speedy wideout is running track this spring.

“I’m running the 400×4 and we’re one of the top relay teams in the state,” said Ashford, who caught 11 touchdowns in 2007. “In every meet we’re the big dogs in the 400×4. We’re really fast.”

Ashford doesn’t anticipate any NCAA Clearinghouse issues and is taking the SAT this weekend.


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