Aurora’s Bellamy continues to fly under recruiting radar


Aurora OL/DL Adam Bellamy

A longtime hockey player who also happens to be an all-conference baseball player, Adam Bellamy has yet to attract the attention of any of the major D-I college recruiters for his exploits on the gridiron as a two-way performer for the Aurora Greenmen.  At 6-4 and 270 pounds, Bellamy has the requisite skill and potential to be a big-time performer on either side of the ball at the next level.  

A diamond in the rough who continues to fly under the radar is one way to classify Adam Bellamy of Aurora High School, who played defensive end and offensive tackle for the Division III Greenmen last year.


At 6-4 and 270 pounds, Bellamy turned in a 5.0-second 40-yard dash time on a slow track at a combine in Berea earlier in the month.  He also logged a 4.53-second shuttle run, recorded a 27-inch vertical jump, an 8’ 1” broad jump and bench pressed 185 pounds 20 times.   


Despite having a solid highlight video and some pretty impressive combine numbers under his belt already, he’s been clocked at 4.8 in the 40 before, the scholarship offers are just starting to trickle in for Bellamy who was his team’s MVP last season and an All-State selection.


“He’s just a tenacious football player.  He’s a gentleman off the field but he’s just a hard-nosed kid on the field,” said seven-year Aurora head football coach Bob Mihalik.  “But the thing, I guess, that’s most impressive about Adam is his desire to get to the football on the defensive side of the ball.”


But Bellamy, who currently has scholarship offers from Akron, Miami (of Ohio), Cincinnati and Indiana, seems to be just as impressive at what he does on the offensive side of the ball as well.


“Offensively I think he has a lot of upside potential,” Mihalik said.  “Being only 270 (pounds), I know he needs to gain some weight if that ends up being his position in college.  But he’s an athlete with great feet.  He’s a hockey player, an all-league baseball player and just an all-around athlete with great ball skills.  He was actually a tight end on offense and we moved him to tackle.  So I think his potential is going to go through the roof here in the next year.”


And he hasn’t even been playing the sport very long.  Bellamy came to Aurora from the Boston area where he was mainly a hockey player.


“I started playing football after I moved to Aurora, Ohio from Massachusetts in the seventh grade,” Bellamy said.  “In the eighth grade I started off playing at tight end and then they moved me to the O-line and D-line.  And in my sophomore year I actually got a couple of games in at offensive tackle at the varsity level when a couple of guys got hurt.  And I played some special teams then too.  And then this past year I played both ways for the varsity on the O-line and D-line.”


You can take the boy out of Boston but you can’t take Boston out of the boy.  Bellamy, a longtime hockey player, continues to play the sport at Aurora.  The high school team won two tournament games before they were eliminated by University School recently.


“I play ice hockey in the winter,” said Bellamy whose dad’s job caused the family move to Ohio.  “About 10 years I’ve been playing hockey now.  Hockey is big in the Northeast.  It’s almost bigger than football over there.”


He’s certainly has adapted to the Buckeye state very well.


“Obviously I’ve noticed that football in Ohio is a lot bigger than it was in Massachusetts but that’s pretty much it,” said Bellamy when he was asked if there were any major cultural differences in the two places.  “The people here are really nice and I fit right in when I came here.”


Although he still laces up his skates to get on the ice competitively, football is his main sport now.


“Right now it’s definitely football without a doubt,” Bellamy said.  “I never got a chance to play back in Massachusetts because I was always over the weight limit for Pop Warner so I never could play.  And I always wanted to try it out but we didn’t have a middle school team at my old town in Massachusetts so I was glad that I could start playing in the eighth grade when I moved here.  I just started up and fell in love with it.  The coaches and all of the kids loved it and that made it so easy to get the system down and learn the game and have fun.”


He was somewhat of a natural at the sport when he first started playing it.


“Obviously I could tell that I was one of the bigger guys out there but I had no idea what some of the positions were and what they did.  And the techniques were all new to me so I was kind of going into it in the blind,” Bellamy said.  “But the coaching staff here made it so much easier for me.  I picked (the game) up quick and I’ve loved it ever since.”


Akron was the first team who noticed Bellamy’s skills on the gridiron and offered him a scholarship.


“I went to their senior camp, I got to go as a junior last summer.  They invited me to attend,” Bellamy said.  “It was kind of like a combine/technique camp.  They tested us in the forty and in a couple of other tests like that, not too many, and then we just went out to our positions and did technique stuff.  So I got a feel for the combine stuff then.”


Bellamy also got an invite to attend the Army All-American Combine in San Antonio in January.


“I had a great time down there,” he said.  “A lot of people weren’t happy with the stop watches and stuff down there but that was a blast.  And then we enjoyed the game and the city was really cool.”


However he hasn’t been to a camp at Ohio State to this point.


“Actually my coach and the guy from Akron, Reno Ferri, have both told me that I need to do that this summer,” Bellamy said.  “I’d like to go there this summer.”


But he hasn’t had any contact at all to this point with anyone on the staff at OSU. 


“I haven’t received anything or heard from Ohio State at all,” Bellamy said.  “I wouldn’t mind hearing from a couple of Big Ten schools.  Ohio State would be amazing.  That would be a dream for me.”


He’s certainly in good enough shape academically.


“Academics are a big deal for me too,” Bellamy said.  “I’ve been getting good grades taking hard classes.  I think my GPA, before the last semester, was like a 3.56 but I’ve taken some hard classes this year and it’s like a 3.4 right now.”


And he’s quite capable of playing on either side of the ball at the next level.


“I think I’ve excelled more defensively and the glory is there more for playing defense, with tackles and sacks and stuff,” Bellamy said.  “But I don’t mind playing on offense either.  I think I favor playing on defense, D-End or whatever, over offense but I won’t complain at all playing on the offensive line.  I’ll do it even if a school gives me an offer to play defense and then half way through my college career there they ask me to switch to O-line.  I’ll do it no problem if that’s what they want.”


Bellamy’s best days are definitely ahead of him on the gridiron.  But Mihalik thinks he’s pretty special already.


“He’s definitely a physical player and he passes the eyeball test, he looks like a player,” the coach said.  “But not only is he powerful, he also has great technique and he’s very coachable, you tell him something once and he does it.  He’s just got the whole package.  And besides that he’s an unbelievable student.  He has a 3.5 GPA and he’s in a couple of advanced-placement classes.  So he’s just the whole package here for us at Aurora.”


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Adam Bellamy


Bellamy with Aurora head coach Bob Mihalik


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