Adams Named Captain Of East Squad For All-American Bowl


All-American Mike Adams

The week started off great for Mike Adams and got even better on Friday when he was named a captain of the East squad for the All-American Bowl on Saturday.  Adams, who will anchor the offensive line at left tackle for the East squad, is honored by the selection.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – It’s certainly been a terrific week so far for Mike Adams who on Friday was named one of the two captains of the East squad for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.


“It’s really cool that my coach had faith in me from what he saw this week to make me a captain of the team,” Adams said.  “I’m really excited about it.  It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and that makes it even more special.  I think it’s a great honor that I get to be a captain of the All-American game.”


His week in San Antonio got off to an auspicious start on Monday when he was dominating the competition during on-one-one drills.


“It’s really been going great especially (Monday) when we really got after it,” Adams said.  “We did a lot of one-on-one’s and I think I might have only lost one time out of maybe 20 reps.  So I’m kind of making a name for myself with some of the people who doubted me.  But things have been going really good.”


Adams has sort of had a little bit of a chip on his shoulder this week.


“Some of the sponsors of the game weren’t so sure about how good I really was,” he said.  “But I think I might be moving up in some rankings now and things like that.  But it’s all good.”


Overall, the week has been a tremendous experience for him.


“When we first got here there were stations everywhere that we had to go to and it was really overwhelming,” Adams said.  “But now that we’ve really gotten to know each other and stuff like that, it’s just like normal practice with your team back home.  I’m having a great time.”


Adams and the rest of his future Buckeye teammates don’t seem to be reluctant at all to boast about the school that they’ll be playing for next season whenever the opportunity presents itself.  


“Especially with all of the Notre Dame guys here because there is 16 of them,” Adams said.  “We get in arguments, multiple times, every day about who’s better and why would you go to Notre Dame and things like that.”


Playing in back-to-back national championship games apparently has earned them a lot of collective clout with the players on both teams.


“Guys definitely have respect for us,” Adams said.  “And when people try to say something (about Ohio State) we’re like, ‘Oh, and what bowl game were you in last year?’ or ‘What one are you in this year as a matter of fact?’  So everything that someone has to say about Ohio State, we have a comeback because Ohio State is just that good.”


But Adams individually doesn’t feel any pressure of having to play up to any high standard because of the school that he’ll be playing for in the very near future.


“Pressure is what makes you good.  It’s just all about how you handle it or react to it,” Adams said.  “I think that I thrive on pressure so I’m just going to go out and do my thing.”


In addition to Adams, a couple of his OSU-bound teammates on the East squad, like DeVier Posey, Ben Buchanan and Etienne Sabino, in particular, have been doing their thing pretty well with regard to their performance on the gridiron during the week.


“We’re all doing great,” Adams said.  “I talked to one of the top cornerbacks, Boubacar Cissoko, and I asked him who the best receiver was here and he said, without a doubt, DeVier Posey.  That kind of made me happy because DeVier’s my boy.  It’s just great to see everybody doing good.  Ben has been punting great.  He’s got a fractured foot and I think he was punting the ball 70 yards the other day.  And one of the coaches said Etienne might be the best linebacker here and that’s definitely a big deal.”


In addition to helping represent Ohio State well in San Antonio, Adams and Jake Stoneburner are representing Coffman High School just as well also.


“It’s really great.  Having someone like Jake on my team (at Coffman) was something that made me better,” Adams said.  “We kind of instill a certain work ethic in each other and it’s definitely carried over to here.  And just having two guys from one school in the All-American game is a big deal.”


But more than anything else this week for Adams, forming potential life-long relationships with a lot of the all-stars has been something special.


“Just getting to bond with all of the guys here has been great,” Adams said.  “I didn’t know a lot of the guys when I came here, I saw a lot of film on many of them, but I’ve really enjoyed getting to know a lot of great people.”


As far as the rumors with regards to players like Terrelle Pryor and Josh Jenkins and their respective situations with Ohio State are concerned, Adams feels pretty good about the way they have bonded this week with himself and the other future Buckeyes.


“For New Years we all went out and I was with Terrelle the whole time and Josh,” Adams said.  “We’re all just really close and I’m pretty sure they’ll make the right decision.  I feel the same way I do with Josh as I do with Terrelle.”


But his main focus of the week for Adams, obviously, has been getting himself ready to compete and perform in the All-American Bowl on Saturday.  Adams is slated to start at left tackle against the West.


“Things were kind of unsure when we went into one-on-one’s (Monday) about who would play where,” he said.  “But I did a really good job pass-blocking and I think Coach kind of saw that as my perfect fit.”


After wearing the number 75 at Coffman for so long now, Adams will don the number 72 in the all-star contest.


“A.J. Harmon is number 75 and there was a kid in the game from his school a couple of years ago who had 75 so he can have it.  That’s my dude,” Adams said.  “I don’t really care what number I have, I’m just going to go play.”


And after he’s don’t playing the game, Adams can focus on his football career at Ohio State as he intends to enroll in time for the spring quarter.


“I only have five days of high school left so (OSU) is the main thing on my mind right now, what it’s going to be like,” Adams said.  “I can’t wait to get there.”


He’d like to play as soon as possible when he officially gets there if possible.


“I just want to compete for the open offensive line spot,” Adams said.  “Kirk Barton is leaving so there is going to be a big battle for that spot.  Coach Bollman always says the best five are going to play and if you’re one of the best five then you’re going to play. ”


But ultimately Adams has the left tackle spot on his mind.


“I’m not really sure if (Alex) Boone is staying.  I haven’t really talked to Coach Bollman or him about it,” he said.  “But it’ll be good whatever he does.”


A win over J.B. Shugarts and the West would obviously be nice but this week has already been a rewarding experience for Adams no matter the outcome of the game.


“Just getting to play with all of my future teammates has been really special,” he said.  “And it’s going to be great when we all get to Ohio State.”


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