D.J. Woods and father address recruiting rumors


D.J. Woods
Strongsville, wide receiver and defensive back D.J. Woods, who committed to Nebraska during the summer, attended the OSU-YSU game on Saturday.  Immediately rumors swirled that Woods was perhaps going to de-commit from Nebraska and commit to Ohio State.  Woods and his father set the record straight in this interview with Recruiting Analyst Bill Kurelic. 

Strongsville wide receiver and defensive back D.J. Woods had scholarship offers from Nebraska, Ohio State, Iowa, Pitt and many others before committing to the Cornhuskers during the summer.

However Woods attended the Ohio State-Youngstown State game on Saturday as a guest of the Buckeyes and immediately rumors began to swirl that Woods was on the verge of de-committing from Nebraska and committing to the Buckeyes.

Woods said because he felt like what he said to another reporter was made to look different than what he actually said and meant, he preferred to let his father do most of the talking on the situation.  But Woods did offer a couple thoughts.

“I'm still committed to Nebraska,” Woods said.  “(Visiting Ohio State) should not be misinterpreted that I am wavering on my commitment to Nebraska.”

Woods then turned things over to his father Derrick Woods who shed some additional light on the subject. 

“We have remained in contact with coach (Jim) Tressel and coach (Taver) Johnson,” Derrick Woods said.  “We are trying to be courteous and see what they say.

“We didn't get a chance to do everything with Ohio State and Auburn before we made our decision.  We feel like we made the right decision, but Ohio State and Auburn are such great schools we wanted to hear what they said.  So we went down to Ohio State.  We may do the same thing with Auburn.”

Derrick and D.J. may head to Ohio State one more time.

“My wife didn't get to go to the Ohio State-Youngstown State game so we might go back to Ohio State with her and talk with the academic people,” Derrick Woods said.

However if the door is still open to Ohio State and/or Auburn, it is only very slightly open at this point.

“Barring a coaching change, we're pretty firm with Nebraska,” Derrick Woods said.  “We're just trying to leave no stone unturned.  We're still committed to Nebraska, but listening to Ohio State and Auburn.  We haven't quite put everything to bed with those two.  We want to let those two know as soon as we can that we are staying with Nebraska.  As a matter of fact we're going out to Nebraska in a couple weeks when they play USC.”

The 6-foot-0 and 170-pound D.J. Woods is off to a fine start to his senior season.  He is playing both wide receiver and cornerback.  Though Strongsville lost to Mentor this past weekend, Woods caught 10 passes for 215 yards and scored twice.  He also was in double digits for tackles on the other side of the ball.

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