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After leading the Tigers to an 11-1 record last season and earning second-team All-Ohio honors, Waverly QB Trevor Walls has come on strong this summer on the college camp and combine circuit.

Matt Natali caught up with Waverly head coach Rusty Wright for more, plus we have exclusive video highlights from ScoutingOhio.com.

Waverly QB Trevor Walls could be the best kept secret in Ohio’s class of 2008.

Walls (6-6, 215) tallied 2,052 yards passing, 26 TDs, five INTs, and a 65 percent completion rate leading Waverly to a perfect 10-0 regular season last year, including a Southern Ohio Conference title and a final record of 11-1 earning second-team All-Ohio honors.

College coaches have started taking notice of Walls as he has been on the camp and combine circuit this summer and all like what they have seen.

“They are all impressed with what he does on the football field,” said Waverly head coach Rusty Wright. “You can see his arm strength and you can see his touch. He can get the ball in between people, he can get it through people and he can get it over them and still has the same accuracy. Whether it is a gun-throw or a touch-throw, he has the ability to lay the ball over for the flare pass, get the out (pass) with no problem and he can stand up and hit the seam with touch or with gun. He has the same accuracy in each one of the balls that he throws.

“That is pretty special when you look at a kid that can make all those throws and he doesn’t take anything off and the ball is still accurate when he puts it there,” he added.

Walls camped at Indiana earlier this week and has also been to Miami (Oh.), Bowling Green and Ohio. He is set to participate at the Ohio State senior camp this weekend as well and will visit Purdue is summer. Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Louisville and all the Ivy League schools have also taken an interest.

“(Indiana was) really excited to have the camp (following the death of head coach Terry Hoeppner Tuesday) and really liked having him there – he really put on a show,” said Wright.

“He is a strong-armed quarterback and his accuracy is the biggest thing. They put a guy out about 40 yards and told him to put his hands in a certain spot and didn’t want him to move his hands. Trevor was drilling the kid at 40 yards and putting the ball right in there – even on roll outs. He was just drilling the kid through all the drills.

“He really impressed them,” Wright added.

Walls is a 4.0 student, is a member of the National Honor Society and will be the senior class president this upcoming school year. Wright said his intelligence and drive translates over to the football field.

“He is intelligent and can make reads,” he said. “He had a coach at Indiana ask him, ‘If it is third-and-five and you’ve got to make the first down, what would you throw?’ His first question was, ‘What defense are they running?’ So, he is smart enough to know what is going on first.

“He is a very confident kid. He is one of these kids that is kind of a perfectionist and likes to make sure the ball and everything is perfect. He doesn’t make a lot of mistakes but when he does, he won’t make the same one twice.

“The accolades, though, on the football field pale in comparison to his character,” Wright said.

Walls started his high school career as a receiver before Wright and the Waverly staff moved him to quarterback; so, he only has two years of experience under center.

“You can see how far he has come from that time when he first started at quarterback,” Wright said. “In just the two years, you can see how much he has improved to what he is now.  

“He is very coachable, he listens and has come into his own.”

Not typically a recruiting hotbed and as it is common with many players from the Southern area of the state, Walls has quietly flown under the radar until recently.

“Down here is Southern Ohio, unless you’re Ironton or Wheelersburg, you just don’t get the accolades,” Wright joked. “But of course, they have earned and deserve it.

“We had two college coaches come in and one told me, ‘He is the best kept secret in Ohio and I want to keep it that way.’ The other came in and asked me how many people had seen him and said he needed to get back to the head coach to tell him about Trevor.”

Although Walls has yet to receive any official scholarship offers, college coaches are beginning to learn about this Southern Ohio gunslinger and it should only be a matter of time before the offers start rolling in.

“As the season went on last year, more and more people saw him and were impressed,” said Wright. “Then when the spring came around, things really started picking up for him.

“He has really enjoyed this summer.”

No. 15 Trevor Walls 2006 Junior Highlights

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