Ohio High Countdown No. 5: Brandon Moore


Brandon Moore
We have reached the top five in our countdown of the Ohio High top 112 football prospects for 2008. This list was originally published in the May 2007 edition of Ohio High, which is available on newsstands across Ohio. Coming in at No. 5 on this list is Trotwood-Madison TE Brandon Moore, who is committed to Michigan.

In the May edition of Ohio High magazine, we counted down the top 112 prospects in Ohio high school football for the Class of 2008. These are players who will be seniors in the upcoming school year.

We continue the top-10 countdown today with No. 5, Trotwood-Madison TE/WR Brandon Moore.

We will provide an updated top 30 in the July issue, which is due out by July 1.

Then, we will have a completely revamped top 100 (or top 112 if warranted) with bios, summer camp performances, offers, verbals and more in the September issue, which is due out by Sept. 1.

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Here is a look at No. 5, Brandon Moore:

5. ***** Brandon Moore (6-6, 230, TE; Trotwood-Madison)

I remember the first play I ever saw of Moore. He was running a wheel route up the sidelines. The quarterback threw the ball. I thought there was no way a player the size of Moore had a shot at the catch. He went up over the linebacker covering him and made the play on the ball at its highest point. It was not luck. It was not really a great catch but for the fact that this was a sophomore tight end making it, and he made it look simple. He made it look routine.

I only needed to see a few more plays by Moore to see that this was a special talent. I only hoped to see a better tight end prospect than former Youngstown Ursuline tight end Louis Irizarry. I have now seen that player. Moore is bigger but just as athletic.

In fact, he is so athletic that he played wide receiver this past season under new Trotwood offensive coordinator Jeremy Beckham. I have spoken to people that think that was a waste. I could not disagree more. Moore is going to have to learn more about running pass routes to be effective as a college player.

He is not your basic inline blocking tight end who will catch a pass on occasion. This is the kind of talent that you can build a passing attack around. He is going to be asked to run routes that most tight ends will never be asked to run.

Moore can be one of those players that only spends three years in the college ranks before going on to the NFL.

He is also a very good track athlete, throwing the shot over 50 feet and the discus over 140 feet. The wrapper on the package is a 4.28 GPA in honors classes and a 22 ACT.

Moore had over 30 scholarship offers on the table when he decided to verbal to Michigan on May 18. Some of those offers included Georgia, Tennessee, LSU, Florida, Miami (Fla.) and Clemson. 

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